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Course Description

Yoga Therapy Rx is a marriage between Yoga therapy and complementary medicine. It is designed to train Yoga teachers to be Yoga therapists and apply classical applications of Yoga for use in clinical settings to help treat common ailments and conditions.

The Level I course will focus on the musculoskeletal system. Students will meet one weekend a month for a year and address principles of practice, anatomy for Yoga teachers, the origin and treatment of common low back, upper back, knee and hip problems. In addition the course will cover communication tools for working with doctors including reading reports, terminology and clinical notes such as S.O.A.P. notes.

The Level II course will be offered the following year and will focus in the same manner on other systems of the body as outlined in Yoga Therapy Rx (Broadway Books) written by Larry Payne, Ph.D., and Richard Usatine, M.D. These systems will include the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous, reproductive, endocrine systems and newly added weekend on mental health.

The Level III course offers practicum experience in a clinical setting, covering the topics from level I and II. The program offers an immersive clinical experience, taught seminar style with live and standardized patients, and complete interaction with all program participants.

The Level IV course offers the first Yoga Therapy Internship in conjunction with the Venice Family Clinic.. Participants spend entire days at the clinic where they see chronic pain clients, learn the adminstration system and participate in the weekly meetings with the integrative medicine staff.

In addition, students will complete take-home case studies, write a term paper for each level.

Participants who complete and pass one or more levels of the course will be equipped to work with various medical specialists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and physical therapists. They will also receive a certificate from Loyola Marymount University and 12 units of Continuing Education Credit for each level.


Check out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS or click HERE for information on prerequisites, tuition and to register for our program

LEVEL I 2014-2015 Schedule
LEVEL I 2014-2015 Syllabus
LEVEL II 2014-2015 Schedule
LEVEL II 2014-2015 Syllabus
LEVEL III 2014-2015 Schedule
LEVEL III 2014-2015 Syllabus
LEVEL IV 2014-2015 Schedule
LEVEL IV 2014-2015 Syllabus (COMING SOON)
**Schedules are subject to change. Changes will be added to this site as they are made available.
Testimonials from our graduates

Documentation Requirements

(Application process is online only. All backup paperwork will have to be either pdf or jpeg and uploaded along with the application.)

2. Three (3) LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION. One from each of the following:
A health professional (any health care professional - doctor, acupuncturist, chiropractor etc.)
A yoga teacher
A personal contact
All 3 letters of recommendation are requested for character reference, indicative of your ability and competency to take this course.

3. TRANSCRIPTS or similar documentation which demonstrates successful completion of the prerequisite 200-hour teacher training or its equivalent in seminars, workshops, private or supervised group classes.

4. One (1) page PERSONAL STATEMENT explaining your yoga background and goals for this program.

5. HEADSHOT (jpeg)

If you have any questions about the application process, requirements or deadline, please contact us at yogatherapyrx@samata.com or call (310)306-8845.

Ethical Standards

The Yoga Therapy Rx program endorses and supports the Code of Professional Standards of the California Yoga Teachers Association.



Video clip of Rick Morris, DC
presenting class
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View video clip of Leslie Kaminoff
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class photo
staff photo
(from L-R) Jamie Champion, MPT; Larry Payne, CYT; Rick Morris, D.C., CYT


"The Yoga Therapy Rx Level I Course at LMU has far surpassed any of my expectations. I was not prepared for the vast wealth of information and knowledge that has been imparted thus far. Every one of our guest teachers has been inspiring, engaging, and authoritative in each respective field. Your own store of knowledge in the field of Yoga Therapy is always imparted with your unfailing warmth, caring, and compassion for all."

Heidi Singh

"Just wanted to let you know that the Yoga Therapy Rx course has been wonderful.  I  already have 4 students who came to my group classes but needed specific yoga therapy and now are private clients as well.  They are so appreciative to have one on one instruction for specific injuries and then come to a group class without fear!  What is reassuring is that I am able already to put what we have learned into a professional setting.  It can only get better.?

Maureen  Davis

"I am so grateful to have found you and your program. I will be continuing on in Level II, I have already found such great benefits from my participation in your course, not least of all a new found confidence in myself and validation for my work."
Kathleen Ross-Allee

"Just another thanks for the amazing program that you have created the last two workshops have shifted my practice and teaching in a dramatic way. I have learned so much, and am thrilled for the journey that lies ahead!"

Erin Kirk


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