Fancy Fechser
Interview by Larry Payne

Who were your early influences for yoga and how did you find out about our course at LMU?

In 2006, I attended a teacher training at the White Lotus Foundation operated by Ganga White and Tracey Rich.  I am still inspired by Ganga and Tracey; I am deeply grateful for their impact on my life.  I have also been influenced by Ross Rayburn, Sianna Sherman, and Alma White.  I found out about the course through a flyer at Yoga Glo in Santa Monica while attending an Anusara teacher training. A friend of mine in the training, Amber Williamson, happened to be in the program. She spoke very highly of it and I knew from that moment I wanted to enroll.

I chose both you and Suzanne from our Level II group because you both enrolled in Levels I & II simultaneously and also took the Prime of Life Yoga intensive. That is quite a commitment. Any regrets?

My decision to enroll in both Levels I and II and the Prime of Life Yoga intensive has been a serious time commitment.  I knew that coming into the program. Making time for assigned reading and reviewing notes is challenging, but it’s worth it.  You just make time for it. Before Yoga Therapy Rx, I attended workshops at least two maybe even three weekends a month. Eventually I gathered more information than I knew what to do with, but felt as though I lacked direction, not to mention it adds up financially.  I thrive in academic settings. Yoga Therapy Rx provided me with the framework I so desperately sought. This program actually makes me feel like I am using my time more efficiently compared to going to one workshop after another. I like the continuity of the information and how the subject matter builds throughout the year. I also like knowing that I’m going to get a certificate from LMU for all the time I’ve committed.  I don’t have any regrets.

What has been the most challenging part of our courses for you?

Missing weekends off is hard, but I know it’s temporary. Time management is most challenging for me. I don’t get to review my notes as often as I would like. There is a lot of information shared in both Levels I and II and I get overwhelmed sometimes. 

What has been the most enjoyable part?

I’ve met some great people.  Having access to such great minds has been a treat.  I’ve had the opportunity to mentor with Robert Birnberg, Sherry Brourman and Amy Wheeler. All of the teachers in the program are genuinely invested in the students.

Do the philosophy and spiritual aspects of yoga attract you?

Yes, especially the philosophy.  The Yoga Sutras have aided me in personal matters. They have also proved useful in helping me to discern what brings me happiness. I am constantly impressed by how appropriate the Yoga Sutras are to contemporary life.

Have you already been able to apply some yoga therapy with your private clients?

Yes, I teach a class at Kaiser. Having this training has made me more confident and sympathetic to the individual needs of my students and clients.  The Prime of Life Intensive made a huge impact in how I teach at Kaiser. 

What is a typical week in your life?

I do a morning practice given to me by Amy Wheeler four mornings a week.  I teach 3 public classes a week; I am a long distance runner so I train around 3-4 days a week;  I hike;  I mentor a child through Youth Mentoring Connection; and I manage my property rentals.  I spend about 6 hours a week on Yoga Rx reading. I am working on building my private client base. I also practice asana with the teachers at my studio three times a week.

What is your vision for your future in the field of health?

I am going to work as a yoga therapist with a focus on sports medicine and rehabilitation. Eventually I am going to open a wellness center that integrates, Pilates, massage, yoga therapy and nutrition.

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