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Yoga Rx
A Step-by-Step Program to Promote Health, Wellness, and Healing for Common Ailments

By Larry Payne Ph.D. and Richard Usatine, M.D.
Available on Kindle and eBooks

Yoga has never been hotter in America, and now its benefits are being recognized far beyond the arenas of enlightenment and body sculpting.  The most comprehensive book of its kind--and the only Yoga book written in conjunction with an M.D.--Yoga Rx distills an array of postures into an easy-to-use regimen for anyone seeking relief for everything from back pain to the common cold.

In Yoga Rx, Yoga therapist Larry Payne, Ph.D., and professor of medicine Dr. Richard Usatine outline a core program based on their research into the science of Yoga.  In addition to helping you enhance your chances of disease prevention through increased circulation, strength, flexibility, and concentration, this accessible handbook also covers specific Yoga therapies for treating common illnesses, such as:

Back Pain High Blood Pressure PMS
Neck Pain Heart Disease Menopause
Knee Pain Irritable Bowel Syndrome Anxiety
Arthritis Heartburn Depression
Allergies Tension Headaches Diabetes
Asthma Migraines Obesity
Bronchitis Menstrual Cramps Common Cold
What Others Say About Yoga Rx:

"Yoga Rx shows in simple, easy-to-understand terms what a powerful difference Yoga can make in your life. Highly recommended."
---Dean Ornish, M.D., founder, president, and director, Preventive Medicine Research Institute, author of Eat More Weigh Less

"This book brilliantly lays out easy-to-learn yoga routines to deal with the most common ailments, which I have observed bring immediate relief. With Yoga Rx you can feel incredible empowerment, and become an active participant in maintaining your health. Larry and Richard's book may well revolutionize the way we treat disease in this country."
---Kathy Smith, fitness expert

"Yoga Rx choreographs this ancient art form into a natural healing tool that breathes health. We have made Yoga Rx a must-read for our patients and their healers."
---Mehmet Oz, M.D., Author of Healing From the Heart and Director of the Heart Institute at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
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